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Bill Haber | CO-Founder, Partner-TechOps Having just returned from a trip The Golden State, there is so much to admire about its beauty, weather, and innovation leadership. There are also some well-known tradeoffs that Californians are discussing with increased frequency. We know its residents are well-accustomed to life in a state of  RED ALERT from

28 032019

Why Technology in Transportation Requires IT Protection

Bill Haber | CO-Founder, Partner-TechOps When thinking about cyber exposures, several industries come to mind long before transportation. Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail are some, to name a few. So why then is the transportation industry ranked third in security vulnerability according to a recent whitepaper? Could the threat of losing drivers’ licenses or social

07 012019

Law Firms: Serious Breach Targets!

Dan Hennessey CLCS | CO-Founder, Partner-InsureOps Be prepared for Social Engineering events, Cyber Crime, Business Interruption, Regulatory compliance issues and more A majority of agencies that deal in Lawyers Professional Liability are aware of the importance of firm management systems that track court filing dates and conflicts of interest, particularly for Litigation firms. While insurance underwriting is interested in

02 012019

2019: 5 Powerful Predictions in IT Protection

Bill Haber | CO-Founder, Partner-TechOps It's 2019, and you've likely seen many prediction posts foretelling what to expect this year. Here's 5 that get right to the point, which we believe you can take to the bank...  1. THE GLOBAL GAME ESCALATES Increased worldwide activity in the form of cyber theft and cyber espionage has

18 122018

Phishing: B.E.C. Holiday Gift Card Scam

Bill Haber | CO-Founder, TechOps   Make sure you can identify Business Email Compromise. There’s a not-so-new scam ruining office holiday parties and certain types of gift-giving this holiday season, and you should know how to avoid it. Its a type of Phishing that's grown enormously in popularity this year, and it's known as BEC- Business

28 122017

Alabama Data Breach Law

Alabama Has No State Data Breach Laws For small business is in Alabama, the state has no data breach law at this time. However, the HITECH Act requires notification of breach of personal information by certain health care entities defined in HIPAA. Alabama businesses must also adhere to another state’s laws if they host or use data

28 122017

Tennessee Data Breach Law

When Do You Need to Report a Breach? Any person or company conducting business in Tennessee must follow the state's data breach laws, which require businesses to inform their customers when their data is compromised in a breach. If more than 1,000 Tennessee residents are affected by a breach, businesses will also have to report

28 122017

Definition: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is defined as the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Elements of cybersecurity include: Application security. Information security. Network security and more.

28 122017

Florida Data Breach Laws

Regulations and Fines In Florida, any business that experiences a data breach must investigate the likelihood that personal information will be misused. Businesses are legally required to notify affected Florida residents by mail or email within 30 days of the breach. If the security breach affects more than 500,000 people, or the cost of notification exceeds $250,000, other means of

28 122017

Data Breach Requirements in Georgia

Georgia: State Laws In the state of Georgia, any business that suffers a data breach involving personally identifiable information must notify affected Georgia residents as soon as possible through mail, telephone, or electronic means. If the security breach affects more than 100,000 people, or the cost of notification exceeds $50,000, other means of notification can be used (e.g.,