Knowledgeable, Experienced Professionals who bring strong domain expertise from two separate worlds;

Risk Management  +  Information Technology


Bill Haber
Principal, Co-Founder
Technology Operations

Bill has more than 25 years of commercial leadership in software, healthcare and communications technology startups. He has extensive expertise in platform software, Cloud-based SaaS tools & services, network infrastructure, and appliance-based network solutions. Bill has helped create solutions in Telco, Financial Services & Healthcare, and has worked throughout the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

Bill has a degree in Communications from the University of Arizona.  He also holds and has several technology certifications spanning information technology, cybersecurity, breach response, and HIPAA procedures.

Dan Hennessey CLCS
Principal, Co-Founder
Insurance Operations

Dan is an Insurance Industry veteran and Founder of his own successful retail Insurance company.

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Dan is a Specialist in comprehensive insurance coverage, diligence, risk management, claims advocacy, risk transfer plans, and creative plan structures. He frequently speaks at Industry events and as a subject-matter expert at Insurance workshops at the request of legal colleagues.

Dan has a degree in American Studies from Lynn University and is a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist.

Our Mission

To build a Premium Brand in IT Risk Management, both respected and sought after by the world’s foremost insurance leaders and Enterprise clientele.


To redesign the process of protecting clients in areas of IT Risk, we strive to accomplish several parallel objectives;

  • We are focused on better protecting the insured, using simple modern methods.
  • We are committed to bringing knowledge, experience, and skill to our insurance partners.
  • We know that teamwork and front-end diligence can and will yield powerful back-end results.
  • We endeavor to help you better compete, strengthen your value, and retain clients for the long-term.