Online Training

HABER+HENNESSEY offer the highest quality, most compelling training coursework anywhere. Guaranteed.

We use Training strategically, to deliver effective behavior change across your workforce. H+H Online Training will convert liabilities into security assets, and transform the weakest link into the strongest link – and build the critical ‘human firewall’…


Changing employees’ daily behavior to reduce security risks requires comprehensive education across the many points of vulnerability, and continuous reinforcement to ensure employees retain what they learn and apply it every day.

To accomplish this requires delivery of engaging, up to date training on best practices for security protection – and the ability to measure employees’ security competencies and behaviors in the workplace.

These are challenges we solve better than anyone – by combining layers of highly effective training content, phishing simulations, and analytics – and with managed services included, to eliminate burden.

  • Superior Training Content:  We leverage award-winning, highly engaging and motivating content designed for optimized learning & retention. H+H offers content that incorporates the proven strategies for effective adult learning – including ‘why is this important?’ messaging, interactive real-world scenarios, frequent knowledge checks, adaptive content, and competency assessments.
  • Vetted & Maintained by Experts: The threat landscape, best practices, and compliance requirements are continuously evolving – and keeping pace is critical to protection.  We leverage certified SMEs who enable the most current and relevant content, and ensure alignment with the U.S. Cybersecurity NIST, as well as DSS PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA-HITECH requirements.
  • Simple & Effective Phishing Simulations: Key for assessing behavior change in the real-world, and delivering safe practice and learning remediation on the spot where needed.  Designed to be simple but effective – designed with the features Companies actually need and use, with superior deliverability to ensure emails make it to the inbox.
  • Employee Threat Intelligence: Measurement & visibility into employees’ security competencies to identify gaps/risks, validate training effectiveness, and guide training strategy.
  • Program Management:  Our leading experts guide and support you at every step – from strategy to execution.  Deployment and program management services are included at no charge.